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Do you have insurance?

Yes, Jumping Kids Castles carries 10 million dollar Public liability Insurance. Please let us know if you require a copy of out certificate of currency.

What surface should the jumping castle be set up on?

We prefer to set the castle up on a grass surface however can also set it up on pavers or concrete in most situations. Our main requirement is that the surface is flat and free from rocks or other sharp objects. We request that you advise at time of booking if the castle will be used on any surface other than grass. Please ensure the area where the castle is.

Does someone need to supervise the jumping castle once it’s set up?

Yes. Castles must be supervised by an adult at all times. Jumping Kids can provide supervision for an additional $35 per hour. Let us know at the time of booking whether you require Jumping Kids to provide supervision.

Can we move the jumping castle during the hire period?

No, please do not attempt to move the jumping castle once set up due to safety requirements. “Penalties may apply if castle is moved.”

Who sets up the jumping castle?

The jumping castle will be set up and dismantled by Jumping Kids Castles staff member.

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